Miami Criminal Lawyer

Selecting the right Miami Criminal Lawyer is a decision that could save you from prison, so when you or a loved one find yourselves in search of a defense attorney, the best option to handle your case in Miami is an experienced private practice such as Ramon de La Cabada.

When a person is put in a difficult position of being a suspect or even a witness in a criminal case, it is imperative to contact an attorney. However, the law enforcement office will often offer the assistance of a public defender. While a public defender may appear to be a good option for its inexpensive appeal, it is important to know a few undisclosed facts about such attorneys.

Differences between a Miami Criminal Lawyer and a Public Defender

Miami Public Defense office handles approximately 90,000 cases a year. The 11th district is the largest out of the 20 districts in the state. Since public defense offices are publicly subsidized, they are known to be underfunded. With limited budget, they lack resources, connections and very often time to devote to each case. Meanwhile, Miami Criminal Lawyer Mr. de la Cabada is committed to your case. With experience as a prosecutor, he has not only the knowledge of the system but also beneficial connections to assist on a criminal case.

Another reason to consider a Miami Criminal Lawyer in lieu of a public defense attorney is the fact that Drug charges, Capital and Violent crimes, and Domestic Violence crimes may come accompanied by civil or administrative matters that are not on the scope of work of a public assigned attorney. Our office offers the assistance of a veteran Miami Criminal Lawyer along with consultants and associates to handle, expertly, any outcome related to the criminal case.

If ultimately the choice of a Miami Criminal Lawyer hangs on expenses, please be aware that the services of a public defender are only available to defendants considered “indigent” or financially unable to afford private representation according to Florida law.

Our law office, led by attorney Ramon de la Cabada, is available for a consultation without charge. Recognizing that in criminal cases early intervention is key to a successful outcome. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.