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If you are a health care provider under investigation for any type of health care fraud, it is critically important for you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Miami attorney Ramon de la Cabada has over 27 years’ legal experience handling white collar crimes such as health care fraud. Mr. de la Cabada began his legal career prosecuting complex financial crimes on behalf of the State of Florida. Working through the Office of Statewide Prosecution, he investigated hundreds of health care fraud cases, and empanelled statewide grand juries to review healthcare violations and Medicaid fraud. Because of his investigations and grand jury reports, Florida laws were changed regarding how Medicaid fraud cases were investigated and how Medicaid provider licenses were allocated.
Now, he has built a successful practice defending clients accused of Medicaid fraud and other provider violations.

Early Intervention by a Defense Attorney
Is Critically Important in Health Care Fraud Cases

At our law offices, we have learned that successful defense of financial crimes charges requires early intervention and investigation by your defense attorney.
Do not adopt a “wait and see” attitude. If any government agency investigator is asking you questions about your own practices or the billing practices of your colleagues, contact an attorney immediately.
The investigator may have a casual attitude or may assure you that you are only a potential witness in an investigation — not the subject. The best way to protect yourself, your personal freedom, your health care practice and your clean criminal record is to hire an experienced legal advocate as soon as possible.

Types of Health Care Fraud

State and federal prosecutors prosecute the following practices as health care fraud. Conviction for any of these activities can carry heavy financial penalties and a prison sentence.

  • Medical billing fraud
  • Bundling and unbundling schemes
  • Fraud involving CPT codes
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • DME fraud
  • Filing false cost reports
  • Billing for medical services that were not provided
  • Prescribing or billing medical equipment that is unnecessary or not actually provided
  • Making kickbacks or self-referrals

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If you suspect that you are under investigation for health care fraud, contact a lawyer immediately to secure legal representation. The sooner you get an experienced defense lawyer on your side, the better equipped we will be to fight back on your behalf.
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