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Miami White Collar Crimes attorney Ramon de la Cabada has over 27 years’ legal experience with white collar crimes. Mr. de la Cabada began his legal career prosecuting complex financial crimes on behalf of the state of Florida. He garnered first hand knowledge of the policy decisions regarding how state authorities will investigate potential targets. He understands the political and economic motivations behind the state’s investigatory plans, as well as how far regulatory investigators and district attorneys will pursue particular white collar crime cases.
Now, he has built a successful practice defending clients accused of such crimes.

Early Intervention Is the Key to Successful Defense of White Collar Criminal Charges

It is absolutely essential to hire an experienced Miami White Collar Crimes attorney at the first sign that you are under investigation — either as a suspect or a witness — in a financial crimes or corporate theft matter. If our office begins your defense at the earliest possible stage, it may be possible to prevent public charges from being filed at all.

“White collar crime” is a term used to describe a wide range of financial crimes, including all types of fraud, racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement, and corporate theft.

Successfully Defending Clients Against Criminal Charges Involving White Collar Crimes

Our Miami law office takes professional pride in our successful and aggressive representation of clients charged with any type of white collar crime or fraud.
Our success is due in great part to the particular background and qualifications of our lead Miami White Collar Crimes Attorney. Mr. de la Cabada is a former assistant statewide prosecutor, who investigated and tried complex financial crimes cases on behalf of the State of Florida.

“As a prosecutor, I learned to identify effective defense lawyers in white collar crime cases. They knew how to intervene early during the investigative stage and have a much more positive impact on the eventual outcome for their client. We use an ‘early intervention’ approach now, in our defense law practice.”
— Ramon de la Cabada

Through his experience, Mr. Cabada understands the differences between a white collar investigation conducted by a local law enforcement agency versus an investigation headed by a state or federal agency. A world of difference exists regarding the resources allocated toward the investigation, and the manner in which the cases are reviewed, investigated and resolved.

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If you suspect that you are under investigation for fraud or another financial crime, contact a Miami White Color Crimes lawyer immediately to secure legal representation. In the meantime, the following pages may provide answers to some of your general questions:

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At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., we believe in early intervention. The sooner you get an experienced Miami White Collar Crimes Attorney on your side, the more strength we will bring to the fight to clear your name.
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