Violent Crimes

Miami Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

These are considered to be the most serious of criminal cases. Some of these type of cases carry maximum sentences of death or life imprisonment. Examples of these crimes include homicide, manslaughter, sexual battery which is also discussed in the sex crimes section, use of a firearm during the commission of certain crimes, kidnapping, arson; aggravated assault or battery, illegal use of explosives, aggravated child abuse, aircraft piracy, robbery, carjacking, or burglary.
If the case carries a capital or life imprisonment penalty, the accused is not entitled to release pending trial. An accused may be released from custody pending trial only if some release is negotiated with the prosecutor, or, if a release cannot be negotiated, the attorney must request a bond to a judge through a hearing. These proceedings resemble mini-trials in which the rules of evidence are relaxed to allow for the admittance of hearsay evidence.
Early intervention by an attorney is crucial in order to seek release of the accused pending trial, prepare for the potential pre-trial release hearings, commence the development of defenses, and determine whether utilization of the media would be beneficial to the accused.