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If you are under investigation for any type of financial crime, or for crimes involving mail or Internet fraud, you will have heard the term “racketeering” or “RICO violation.”
A racketeering charge can be brought either as a criminal charge by the government or as a civil lawsuit by a private party. A racketeering charge is usually levied in combination with other criminal charges.
Conviction on a federal racketeering charge under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) can carry severe penalties and long prison sentences. If you are under investigation for any type of financial crime or wire fraud, we urge you to get legal advice from an experienced financial crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

Miami attorney Ramon de la Cabada has over 27 years’ legal experience with white collar crimes. Mr. de la Cabada began his legal career prosecuting complex financial crimes on behalf of the state of Florida — including racketeering charges. As a statewide prosecutor, he investigated a number of racketeering cases and paneled grand juries to seek indictments in such cases.
In 1999, Mr. de la Cabada opened our law firm to build a successful private criminal defense practice defending clients accused of such crimes. Our Miami law office takes professional pride in our successful and aggressive representation of clients charged with any type of financial crime — including racketeering charges.

The term “racketeering” comes from an Italian word — ricatto — which means blackmail.

The RICO Act is most commonly associated with prosecution of organized crime syndicates. However, it is also used as an add-on charge in criminal prosecution of individuals for a wide range of financial crimes.

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At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., we believe in early intervention. We urge you to seek legal advice at the first sign that you are under investigation — either as a suspect or a witness — in a financial crimes or racketeering case. If our office begins your defense at the earliest possible stage, it may be possible to prevent public charges from being filed at all.
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