Money Laundering

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Defending Accusations of Money Laundering

Over the last decade, the federal government has increased its efforts to combat money laundering. If you have been arrested or have discovered that you are under investigation for these serious charges, it is imperative to secure the services of an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible.

At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., our founding attorney, Ramon de la Cabada, brings a unique level of experience to the defense of money laundering charges. With over 27 years of experience prosecuting and defending white collar crimes, he has a solid understanding of both the law and the tactics used by the prosecution.

A Miami Attorney Recognized for Excellence

Ramon de la Cabada was chosen by the IRS to lecture and work with the Dominican Republic in the re-writing of its money laundering laws. In addition, the Florida Association of Volunteer Agencies for Caribbean Action (FAVACA) has recognized Mr. de la Cabada’s accomplishments in financial crimes and has listed him as a financial crimes expert.

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What is Money Laundering?

In general, money laundering is the practice of making illegally obtained funds appear legal. These charges are typically levied in federal courts and often tied to racketeering charges. A conviction for money laundering presents significant penalties. Often the more money involved, the stiffer the consequences.
Our firm represents both individuals and businesses under investigation for or charged with money laundering. We have experience in the handling of the following types of cases:

  • Illegal wire transfers
  • Failing to report transactions over $10,000
  • Structuring transactions to conceal value or source
  • Tax evasion or false accounting
  • Government procurement fraud
  • Mortgage fraud

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The key to defending money laundering charges or preventing an indictment from being handed down is proving that the way you handled the finances was legal. It takes a highly skilled attorney to stand up for you against the government and their virtually unlimited resources.
At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, we are fully prepared to handle your case and protect your freedom. Contact us at 305-443-7100.