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Make a Proactive Compliance Plan with a Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney

Any period of business growth is an exciting time. An influx of revenue or a greater demand for your business services can create the impetus to expand your operations and increase your profit margin.
A business that finds itself in a period of expansion should take the proactive step of creating a regulatory compliance plan. These can be developed by skilled Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney’s.

A regulatory compliance plan for a business in a growth stage has several purposes:

  • A compliance plan helps you make sure your business operations follow all applicable laws and regulations, which will help protect your growing business from criminal and civil liability.
  • A compliance plan minimizes the potential for government regulatory or investigatory intrusion, which could shut down your business either temporarily or indefinitely.
  • A compliance plan helps your business grow in a controlled fashion instead of spiraling out of your control.
  • A compliance plan can show you ways to structure your business to control growth and create a layer of protection for the business owners during expansion.

Hire an Experienced Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney to Develop and Maintain a Compliance Plan for Your Growing Business

The Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, in Miami, Florida, offers a complete range of compliance plan services for businesses throughout Florida backed by our talented team of Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney
In addition, we offer our business clients an added layer of security — their communications with us are always private and confidential. This means that — in the event of a criminal investigation for non-compliance — your company will be protected by the confidential nature of all communications between you and your Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney and any additional experts or consultants we have chosen to hire.

The Parts of a Compliance Plan

A thorough compliance plan for any growing business must examine the following issues, as well as others that may arise depending on your specific industry:

  • Licensing requirements: Do you have every license you need for the industry you operate in?
  • Banking and monetary transactions: Are you handling the transfer of funds in accordance with all U.S. laws, including money laundering laws and the Patriot Act?
  • Immigration laws: Are you planning to employ foreign workers?
  • Import and export laws: Are you moving goods into or out of the country?

More Information About Regulatory Compliance

Miami Business Expansion Compliance Attorney Ramon de la Cabada has represented many clients in compliance-related legal matters and has over 27 years of relevant legal background. Read more about Mr. de la Cabada’s qualifications and experience.
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