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Charges of insurance fraud can come from either a state or federal government agency. Insurance fraud charges should be treated extremely seriously because the financial penalties upon conviction can be severe.
The Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, in Miami, Florida, has a long record of success defending individuals accused of a wide range of insurance fraud crimes, including automobile insurance, homeowners’ insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, and commercial property insurance.
Mr. de la Cabada gained a wealth of experience empaneling statewide grand juries to seek indictments in such cases. He also participated as a panel speaker for a summit conducted by the Florida Department of Insurance to discuss workers’ compensation fraud. He understands what regulators look for in investigating fraud cases, so his experience is beneficial to those being targeted or charged with insurance fraud.

Types of Insurance Fraud

State and federal prosecutors will investigate and may prosecute the following practices as insurance fraud. Conviction for any of these activities can carry heavy financial penalties.

  • Padding insurance estimates under a car insurance, homeowners’ insurance or commercial property insurance policy
  • Under-reporting the number of employees who work for your company
  • Staging an automobile accident
  • Making fraudulent healthcare insurance claims under a medical, dental or vision policy
  • False workers’ compensation claims
  • False life insurance claims
  • Home repair fraud

Early Intervention by a Defense Attorney
Is Critically Important in Insurance Fraud Cases

At our law offices, we have learned that successful defense of any type of financial crimes charges — including insurance fraud claims — requires early intervention and investigation by your defense attorney.
Do not adopt a “wait and see” attitude. If any government agency investigator is asking you questions about an insurance claim you have filed or denied, contact a lawyer immediately.

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At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., we urge you to seek legal advice at the first sign that you are under investigation — either as a suspect or a witness — in an insurance fraud case. If our office begins your defense at the earliest possible stage, it may be possible to prevent charges from being filed at all.
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