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In Florida, a felony DUI conviction will undoubtedly result in jail time. Not only will be you have to spend time incarcerated, you may also be forced to pay substantial fines, attend treatment or participate in community service. In addition, you will have a criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life.
Your life as you know it is truly in the hands of the criminal defense attorney you hire. Although it is of utmost importance to speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible, you want to be certain you are giving yourself the best possible chance of avoiding a life-altering conviction.
At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., our founding attorney has over 27 years of experience handling felony DUI cases. Attorney Ramon de la Cabada began his legal career prosecuting defendants on behalf of the State of Florida. He now aggressively fights felony DUI charges as a private criminal defense attorney. His experience allows him to anticipate the tactics and strategies of the prosecution, and prepare an altogether compelling defense.

Florida Felony Level DUI

Although all DUI charges are serious and have grave consequences, felony level charges can have the most significant impact on your life.
In Florida, there are three different types of felony DUI:

  • DUI manslaughter
  • A fourth or subsequent DUI
  • A DUI causing serious bodily injury

Defense of felony level DUIs differs from defense of misdemeanor level DUIs in a multitude of ways, particularly in cases involving serious bodily injury.

Defense of Cases Involving DUI Manslaughter

In the defense of DUI manslaughter cases, we carefully review all aspects of the facts that lead to the accident. This includes utilizing accident reconstruction experts, conducting simulations of the accident and developing evidence that illustrates the consumption of alcohol was not the cause of death.

Defense of Cases Involving a Fourth or Subsequent DUI

We review the elements of the underlying DUI and look for any potential defenses. We also review the previous convictions to ensure they can be properly entered into evidence.

Defense of Cases Involving Bodily Injury

In order to be charged with DUI involving serious bodily injury, you must have caused severe bodily injury to an innocent motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, or committed vehicular homicide. In these cases, it is absolutely imperative for us to prove that you were not the reason the person was injured. Attempting to do this, however, requires a thorough investigation into the accident and the extent of any injuries.
If serious bodily injury or death occurs in a motor vehicle accident, the police can draw your blood without your consent. However, if their collective actions or thoughts at the scene of the accident indicated that they did not believe the person was critically injured, they were not permitted to draw your blood and it cannot be properly admitted as evidence at trial. We will carefully examine the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine if law enforcement officials acted appropriately in drawing your blood.

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If you have been arrested on a DUI or if you refused to take a BAC test, you should contact a lawyer immediately to secure legal representation. In the meantime, the following pages may provide answers to some of your general questions about defense of DUI charges:

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