DUI Attorney Initial Consultation

After being arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, an individual must decide whether to hire a DUI attorney or rely on a public defender. Often, finances determine this decision. However, if a person decides to hire a DUI attorney, they must first decide which attorney to hire. Individuals will “interview” several experts by going to a free initial consultations to see which one seems more knowledgeable and offers the most reasonable fee. So what happens at that free initial meeting?

What to Expect during the First Consultation

When scheduling an appointment, an individual will meet face to face with the attorney to go over their case and specific details for free. In certain situations, if the person is imprisoned, the DUI attorney may come to the jail or prison to do the initial consultation. However, most discussions occur at the attorney’s office. While meeting with the attorney, the attorney will ask the individual to tell them what happened in their words. As the person tells the story, the attorney will typically ask questions and try to extract any details that may help the DUI attorney understand the situation and what is at stake. Additionally, the he will use the time as an opportunity to see how the individual speaks and acts. The mannerisms of the accused may be valuable if the person will be required to testify in court.

Sharing the Details of your case with the DUI Attorney

After going over the details and specifics of the case, the attorney will then give the individual a general snapshot of the legal implications, defenses, and strategies that the attorney may be able to use in the individual’s defense. At this point, the attorney will also go over the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Additionally, the DUI attorney will address the possible outcomes and punishments that the individual may face in the best and worst results of their case. The results could be anything from a complete dismissal of the case to jail time for a specified period.The purpose of the investigation is to find evidence of guilt and provide it to a prosecutor. As DUI Attorney Ramon de la Cabada served as a former prosecutor and fully understands how the prosecution builds its case, he can build a robust criminal defense strategy.

Protecting your legal rights and your criminal record is our highest priority.For more information on DUI legislation in Florida visit DUI penalties in Florida. For a free consultation with a skilled and experienced DUI attorney call The Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada at 305 928-2028