Drug Possession Charges

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Fighting a Criminal Charge of Drug Possession

Drug possession charges and convictions are common in Florida. Just because they are common criminal charges, though, does not mean you should take such an arrest lightly.
A drug charge conviction — whether for marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine or any other controlled substance — can carry severe penalties. A drug possession conviction can also have a major impact on your future — including eligibility for federal loan programs such as federal financial aid due to a drug conviction on your criminal record.
If you have been arrested on a drug possession charge, do not give any information to law enforcement without first contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A.

Miami, Florida

Miami attorney Ramon de la Cabada has over 27 years’ legal experience with all types of drug crimes. Mr. de la Cabada began his legal career as a prosecutor for the state of Florida — where he handled hundreds of criminal prosecutions, including prosecutions for drug cases.
In 1999, Mr. de la Cabada opened his law firm to build a successful private criminal defense practice defending clients accused of such crimes. Our Miami law office takes professional pride in our successful and aggressive representation of clients charged with any type of drug charge, including both possession and drug trafficking charges.

The Sooner We Get Involved, the Better

Too many criminal defendants miss a golden opportunity to build a strong defense by waiting until their first court date to hire a lawyer. Early intervention and investigation by your defense lawyer can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.
The sooner you hire a defense lawyer to fight the drug possession charge, the more time your lawyer will have to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and build a strong defense.

What Does It Mean to Be in Possession?

A major part of our investigation into your case will involve questions about whether you actually “possessed” the controlled substance at the time of the arrest. It is an issue that an attorney needs to review thoroughly. The questions we will investigate include:

  • What type of police encounter led to the search?
  • Was the search of your person necessary or valid?
  • If the drug was found near you (for example, in your car instead of on your person), where exactly were the drugs located in relation to where you were when the drugs were found? Who else was at the scene and had knowledge of the presence of the controlled substance?
  • Did the police have a warrant? Should the police have had a warrant?
  • Did you know the drug was illegal?
  • Has the drug been tested to confirm what the substance is? If so, what test was utilized?

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