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DUI Attorney Initial Consultation

DUI Attorney

After being arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, an individual must decide whether to hire a DUI attorney or rely on a public defender. Often, finances determine this decision. However, if a person decides to hire a DUI attorney, they must first decide which attorney to hire. Individuals will “interview” several experts by… Read more »

Criminal Defense Attorney for Hit and Run Investigations

Criminal Defense of Hit and Run Investigations A Criminal Defense Attorney can assist in cases of Failure to Giving Information or Failure to Render Aid, commonly called ‘Hit and Run’ are a criminal offense in Florida. Under the State Transportation Code, this could be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. People understand it that if… Read more »

Miami White Collar Crimes Lawyer

  Miami White Collar Crimes Lawyer – Ramon de la Cabada While some people may think that taking money from the company that they work for is a victimless crime and that it will not matter too much, we assure you that is not the case. White Collar crimes are becoming a growing problem all… Read more »

Miami Criminal Lawyer

Selecting the right Miami Criminal Lawyer is a decision that could save you from prison, so when you or a loved one find yourselves in search of a defense attorney, the best option to handle your case in Miami is an experienced private practice such as Ramon de La Cabada. When a person is put… Read more »

SCOTUS Strikes Down Warrantless Searches of Cellphone Data

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court takes an affirmative step to protecting our right to privacy by requiring warrants to search the contents of a cellphone or smart phone. The decision written by Justice Roberts creates a clear demarcation that the data stored in cell phones cannot be equated to the weapon or drug… Read more »

Coming Clean on Offshore Bank Accounts

The end of a special tax amnesty program for people with secret offshore bank accounts has left an unclear path for those who still want to come disclose their accounts and avoid penalties or jail time. The program began in March, a month after Zurich-based UBS paid $780 million and avoided prosecution by admitting it… Read more »