Blood, Breath, and Urine Tests

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The results of a Breathalyzer test, blood test or urine test will be one major source of evidence against you in a DUI case. Law enforcement officers want us to believe that these tests do not lie — but Breathalyzers and other tests of blood alcohol content (BAC) do sometimes fail.
As part of building a defense to a DUI citation, a knowledgeable Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer will review the specifics of the test looking for failures that may make the test results inadmissible in court. For example, if your Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer can uncover evidence that the Breathalyzer machine (also called an Intoxilizer) used during the stop was not used according to proper police procedure, then the results of the test — and the DUI citation — may be challenged with a good chance of success.

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Our law office is led by experienced DUI defense lawyer Ramon de la Cabada, who has handled DUI cases for over 27 years — first as a prosecutor and now in private practice as a defense attorney. Due in large part to his experience as a prosecutor, Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer Mr. de la Cabada has enjoyed a long track record of success defending clients against DUI charges — often by successfully challenging the Breathalyzer test, blood test or urine test used to measure your blood alcohol content. He also has several opinions involving successful suppression motions that have been published in the Florida DUI Handbook, a legal manual used by defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges throughout the state.

As part of building your defense, our team of Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer’s will investigate the circumstances surrounding the BAC test and the results:

  • Did you give proper consent for the test?
  • Was the machine programmed to match your specific height and weight?
  • Was the machine properly calibrated?
  • Were both the machine operator and the maintenance technician properly licensed?

Blood or Urine Tests

  • Blood tests are often requested by an officer at the scene without giving one the option to refuse. These coercive tactics can potentially lead to court to ruling the result of the test cannot be used against you.
  • Urine tests are mostly after a person agrees to provide a breath sample and the result is below the legal limit. This practice can be deceptive and also result in a court ruling the result of the test cannot be used against you.

Consenting to either of these tests can make it much more difficult for your Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer to get the ruling you want.

Refusing a Breath, Blood or Urine Test

It is much harder for a prosecutor to prove a DUI case beyond a reasonable doubt if there is no scientific evidence of a person’s blood alcohol level. For this very reason, refusal to take the Breathalyzer or other test can lead to harsh penalties, including: a longer period of driver’s license suspension and a separate criminal charge if you refuse a BAC test twice in a lifetime.

These additional penalties can also be challenged, however. If you were pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and refused a BAC test, it is even more critically important to immediately enlist the help of an experienced Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer.

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If you have been arrested on a DUI or if you refused to take a BAC test, you should contact a Miami Breathalyzer Defense Lawyer immediately to secure legal representation. In the meantime, the following pages may provide answers to some of your general questions about defense of DUI charges:

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