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The real estate market collapse uncovered many types of schemes to defraud.
If you are work in the real estate industry, you are especially susceptible to criminal investigations into financial fraud. In the beginning of a real estate fraud investigation, law enforcement may approach you as a witness — but you could soon find yourself the subject of a deceptive lending investigation in the blink of an eye.
At the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada, P.A., in Miami, Florida, we believe early intervention is the key to a successful defense of real estate fraud charges. It is critically important to hire an experienced real estate fraud attorney at the first sign you are under investigation — either as a suspect or a witness — in a financial fraud case. If our office begins your defense at the earliest possible stage, it may be possible to prevent charges from being filed at all.

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Defending Clients Against Charges Involving Real Estate Fraud

Our Miami law office takes professional pride in our successful and aggressive representation of clients charged with real estate fraud.
Our success is due in great part to the background and qualifications of our lead attorney. Mr. de la Cabada is a former assistant statewide prosecutor, who formerly investigated and tried complex financial crimes cases on behalf of the State of Florida. He handled real estate fraud and mortgage fraud cases, fraud of the elderly and Ponzi schemes. He understands what prosecutors are looking for and the extent to which they will pursue a case.

How Does Real Estate Fraud Occur?

Some practices in the real estate industry lend themselves to the kind of careless or reckless behavior that may land you in trouble with the government on charges of fraud:

  • Fraudulent transfers of property
  • Falsification of deeds
  • Laundering of money through property
  • Transfer of purchase agreements for deed where the party is misled about the true nature of their ownership
  • Real estate appraisers agreeing to inflated property values, assuming the market will continue to rise.
  • Real estate agents making offers to buyers with increasingly high amounts of cash back.
  • Lenders, typically not associated with banks, engaging in false documentation

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If you suspect that you are under investigation for real estate fraud, contact a lawyer immediately to secure legal representation. The sooner you get an experienced defense attorney on your side, the better equipped we will be to fight back on your behalf. Contact us at 305-443-7100 toll-free.