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Miami DUI Lawyer

Miami DUI Lawyer Seven things your Miami DUI Lawyer Check your surroundings and slowly pull over to the right side of the road. Keep your turn signal on to indicate to the officer that you intend to stop. Shut down the engine and if it is dark out, turn on the interior light and keep… Read more »

Criminal Attorney in Miami

An Aggressive, Proactive Approach to all Cases As a former prosecutor Ramon de la Cabada knows firsthand how the law enforcement puts together cases. He is a Criminal Attorney in Miami that knows the inside, he used to be in their shoes. He has the playbook. Now we use this insider knowledge to your advantage… Read more »

DUI Attorney in Miami

Whether you went out with the intent of only having a few drinks with friends or were going to pull an all-nighter drinking alcohol always assists you in making wrong decisions. So what happens when you decide to go out and drink and then you need to get home? Well if you are reading this… Read more »

DUI Attorney Initial Consultation

DUI Attorney

After being arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, an individual must decide whether to hire a DUI attorney or rely on a public defender. Often, finances determine this decision. However, if a person decides to hire a DUI attorney, they must first decide which attorney to hire. Individuals will “interview” several experts by… Read more »

DUI Attorney in Miami explains Drug Detection

As a DUI Attorney in Miami the office of Ramon de la Cabada advises clients to seek legal help as soon as the DUI arrest happens. Some tests used to determine the presence of drugs in the system of the driver may give a false positive. This result can be used as evidence if not… Read more »