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One of the ways that the government is attempting to reduce the deficit is to increase enforcement of regulatory laws affecting corporations, entities, or individuals perceived to have the deep pockets to pay exorbitant fines.
Compliance plans, which are discussed in another section of this website, are a vital part of any defense of a criminal or civil government action. However, what is not mentioned is an often critical component of a compliance plan for any corporation or entity facing potential criminal or administrative sanctions – an independent internal investigation.
Our office is available for consultation to conduct independent internal investigation’s. Mr. de la Cabada’s experience in criminal and regulatory enforcement as a prosecutor, defense attorney and compliance attorney provide him with the knowledge of issues needed to provide a balanced and fair investigation. His reputation from his years of experience as a former Chair of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee and subsequent representation of clients before the Florida Bar for ethical violations is one of commitment to integrity and ethics. All of these qualities make him an independent counsel with the necessary experience to conduct a thorough and credible independent internal investigation. We will use our team of qualified independent internal investigation auditors to comb through your businesses records so that we can adequately determine your next course of action. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the results you need and continue to stand compliant. The first question is to decide when an independent internal investigation is needed. The second step is to determine the proper scope of the independent internal investigation. Mr. de la Cabada is available for consultation on these and any other issues regarding an independent internal investigation.

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