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Fighting Drug Trafficking Charges

A criminal charge of drug trafficking is often added on to a charge of drug possession. Many criminal defendants do not understand how they can be accused of drug trafficking, when the amount of illegal substances in question is relatively minor.
A drug trafficking charge does not only apply to big-time drug dealers. A prosecutor can — and will — add a drug trafficking charge to a possession charge if any evidence suggests that the drugs were for sale and not for personal use.
Conviction for drug trafficking carries a minimum prison sentence. If you are convicted of a drug trafficking charge in state or federal court, you will receive a prison sentence. This is true no matter what the controlled substance at issue is — marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, pharmaceuticals or any other illegal drug.
An experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney can investigate the circumstances of your arrest and work on building a successful defense or a plea bargain for a lesser charge that does not carry a minimum prison sentence.

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Since 1999, the Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada has successfully defended clients accused of drug trafficking and related drug offenses. Ramon de la Cabada, has over 27 years’ legal experience handling all types of drug crimes. Mr. de la Cabada began his legal career as a prosecutor for the state of Florida — where he handled hundreds of criminal prosecutions, including drug trafficking prosecutions.

We Believe in Early Intervention

Do not wait until your first court date to hire a lawyer. Early intervention and investigation by your defense lawyer can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.
The sooner you hire a defense lawyer to fight the drug possession charge, the more time your lawyer will have to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and build a strong defense.

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